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Miss tate

Miss Zoë Tate, V Dan Black Belt

  • – International Instructor
  • – Qualified Grading Examiner
  • – Qualified Referee and Umpire
  • – CRB Checked
  • – Emergency First Aid Qualified


Miss Tate achieved her rank of V Dan on 4th November 2012 & IV Dan on 26th February 2006 under First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha.


She started her training in 1996 at the Dundee University Club. She very quickly became club secretary and then captain. When her Instructor was no longer in a position to continue teaching at the club, the University and Association asked if she would become Instructor. By this time she had already been teaching a year having started a club at Abertay University.


During her coloured belt years and right up until attaining her III Degree, she never missed the opportunity to compete and indeed never walked away from a competition without winning at least one gold. In 1997 she was awarded a University Full Blue and given the title of University Sportswoman of the year. Most recently she has returned to competition (and albeit a little heavier) is still achieving success and her record of winning at least one gold at each competition she attends.

Mr Dolan

Mr Robert Dolan, V Dan Black Belt

  • – International Instructor
  • – Qualified Referee and Umpire
  • – A Member of the B.T.C
  • – CRB Checked


Mr Dolan achieved his rank of V Dan on 4th November 2012 and his IV Dan on 9th March 2008 under First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha.


He started his martial arts training in Shotokan Karate back when his age was in single figures. He sought out a reputable Instructor in Taekwon-Do having researched its scientific nature and found the Dundee club. He took an active role in the club and was one of the first Black belts to come out of the Dundee area and he soon set about establishing extra clubs within Dundee.


His competing days where mainly done whilst at Karate but the competitions he did enter he walked away with at least one gold – usually including destruction. On returning from a “forced” break in training he agreed to teach the Dundee Universities Schools and the St Andrews Schools, whilst Miss Tate returned to England. He now teaches the local Schools in partnership with Miss Tate.